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Providing You Peace of Mind Since 1931

New Zealand Vault is a privately owned, non-bank, offshore bullion storage specialist. We provide world class secure storage for precious metals that our clients retain complete control of. Buy, sell and securely store precious metals in the safest country in the world.

Our Services

Our services allow our international clients to buy, sell and securely store bullion all from the comfort of their own home.

Clients can open an account with us online and purchase through our online trading platform which provides competitive rates on a variety of bullion products. Alternatively, clients can send us their existing bullion through one of our global transportation providers.

We provide two storage options. Clients can choose to store in a safety deposit box for bullion up to 10kgs within our Wellington safe deposit box vault. For more information click here.

Alternatively, we provide storage for bullion in a safe within our Wellington bullion depository. For more information click here.

Both storage facilities provide fully allocated and segregated storage. What makes our service unique is that our clients retain control of access to the bullion held with us through an independent third party auditor who will act on their behalf in New Zealand.

We also provide a bullion liquidation service for clients wanting to sell. For more information on our liquidation process please contact us.

For clients living in New Zealand, we offer a domestic service for purchasing and storing bullion.  For information on our domestic services please visit www.nzvault.co.nz.  

Why Store Bullion Offshore?

In these uncertain times, not only is the ownership of physical, allocated bullion becoming increasingly popular, but investors are paying more attention to where they store their holdings.

Storing a portion of their wealth outside of their home country is a strategy many smart investors are taking advantage of to protect their wealth. To learn more click here.

Why New Zealand?

New Zealand provides the distance and security many bullion investors desire. 

New Zealand is considered a very safe country with one of the world’s most stable and sound banking systems. In addition, it is a democratic and politically stable nation, and determines its own foreign policy. 

New Zealand is becoming increasingly appealing to bullion investors, as no country is further away from the world’s troubles spots, and is considered a very safe option for storing bullion. To learn more click here.

Why New Zealand Vault


Trusted Since 1931

  • New Zealand Vault has been providing New Zealand and International clients with safety deposit box services since 1931. New Zealand Vault now also provides a bullion depository service.


Independent & Private

  • NZ Vault is privately owned and independent of the banking sector and government. Our processes allow clients based offshore to control how and when their bullion is accessed. Our clients can choose to either store in a safe deposit box or in a safe in our bullion depository. As a result, we have minimal reporting requirements. Your privacy is guaranteed.


You Are In Control

  • Unlike most overseas bullion storage programs you get your own private safety deposit box requiring two keys to access; or within a safe, requiring two codes to access. One is held in safe custody by auditors on your behalf, the other is held by NZ Vault. Both are required to access the bullion. NZ Vault and the auditors will only act on your authenticated instructions.


Easy to Set Up

  • There’s no need to travel to open a storage account with us. We provide an easy online process to set up your account, and international auditors, will act on your behalf in New Zealand.


Safe & Secure

  • You can have complete peace of mind knowing your bullion is protected in a Treasury Grade vault. Both our safety deposit box vault and the bullion depository are monitored 24/7 with the most sophisticated multi-level protection available.


Stable & Away From Trouble

  • New Zealand is an island nation in the South Pacific far from the worlds ‘hot spots’. It has one of the world’s most stable and sound banking systems and an independent judiciary and highly regarded common law legal system. This makes New Zealand an ideal option for your offshore bullion storage.


Easy to Do Business

  • In the Forbes report of the Best Countries for Business, New Zealand has been ranked #1 or #2 for the best countries for business, personal freedom, lack of red tape, monetary freedom and property rights.


Choice of Bullion Source

  • You can deposit your own bullion or purchase bullion directly through New Zealand Vault. You can deposit bullion at any time after opening your storage account with us. We also provide a transportation service through our global network of transportation providers.