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Safety Deposit Box

New Zealand Vault provides our clients two storage options; storing in our safe deposit box vault or in our bullion depository.

For clients wanting to store their bullion in a safety deposit box, we provide allocated boxes that can hold up to 10kgs of bullion in our Wellington safe deposit box vault. If you want to store your bullion in our Auckland safety deposit box vault please contact us.

Opening a safety deposit box with New Zealand Vault is easier and more cost effective than you may think. For our safe deposit box service, we charge an annual fixed fee for the box.  For more information on our pricing and insurance, please contact us.

Once your box is opened you have the flexibility to deposit bullion when it suits you. Either purchase bullion from New Zealand Vault’s online trading platform or send your own bullion through one of our global transportation providers. When times get uncertain you’ll be grateful you had the foresight to be prepared and protect your wealth in an offshore private safety deposit box.

In just 4 easy steps your safety deposit box can be opened and ready to receive bullion.

Step 1:

Complete our online registration, review and accept our Terms and Conditions.

Step 2:

Make a credit card payment through our secure online payment engine.  Once the payment has been processed, your safety deposit box will then be opened and available to receive bullion.

Step 3:

We require a copy of each of the following forms of ID authorised by a Notary as a true copy and it represents the identity of the named individual:

  1. One copy of photo ID (passport, gun license or driver's license); plus
  2. One form of secondary ID (any government or bank issued card or document that has your name and signature); plus
  3. Proof of your address (utility invoice, or bank document that has your address on it and is not more than 3 months old).

Step 4:

Post your authorised identification documents back to us at:

New Zealand Vault 
PO Box 10206 
Wellington 6143 
New Zealand


How to Deposit Existing Bullion Holdings:

If you are sending us bullion you already own, contact us and we will give you advice on logistics companies you can use for transportation, insurance, packaging and delivery requirements.

Phone: +64 4 499 9333
Email: support@nzvault.com

Our address for deliveries is:

New Zealand Vault
Basement Level 2
Aon Centre
1 Willis Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

How your bullion will be stored:

When your bullion arrives at New Zealand Vault it will be deposited into your safety deposit box by international accountancy firm, Crowe Australasia, along with a New Zealand Vault custodian. They will provide you with the following service:

  1. They will open the package and check that the bullion received matches what is on the delivery schedule.
  2. They will deposit the bullion into your own safety deposit box and lock it.
  3. They will then place the key to your safety deposit box into their own safety deposit box and hold it in their safe custody.
  4. Finally, New Zealand Vault will email you the confirmation certificate, signed off by Crowe Australasia confirming that the bullion has been safely deposited into your safety deposit box.

There is no additional fee for the Crowe Australasia service. 

You can liquidate your bullion:

If you wish to sell a portion or all of your bullion, New Zealand Vault can also arrange for the liquidation of your bullion as long as it meets certain criteria. For more information on the liquidation process please contact us.

You are in control:

Each safety deposit box has 2 keys; 1 held by New Zealand Vault and 1 held by Crowe Australasia. Both keys are required in order to open the safety deposit box. New Zealand Vault cannot access your safety deposit box without the key held by Crowe Australasia and Crowe Australasia cannot access it without the New Zealand Vault’s key.

Both New Zealand Vault and Crowe Australasia will only act on your written instructions to open your box for any reason. In order to remove any bullion and return it to you, your written request would also need to be validated by a Notary. As a result, you are in complete control as to who can access your safety deposit box.

For more information please contact us.