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Providing You Peace of Mind Since 1931

Store Your Bullion With New Zealand Vault

New Zealand Vault has been providing New Zealanders with safety deposit services since 1931. When New Zealand’s major trading banks made the decision to get out of the business of providing safe custodial services, they all chose New Zealand Vault to take over their safety deposit boxes in order to provide continuity of service for their customers.

New Zealand Vault is privately owned and so is independent of the banking sector and government. By storing your bullion with New Zealand Vault your privacy is guaranteed.

We provide a simple online process so that you can open a storage account with us without leaving the country.  You can deposit bullion that you already own and have it sent to us using one of our global transportation providers, or you can purchase bullion through our online trading platform.

Unlike most overseas gold storage programs, not only is your gold fully allocated and segregated, you are in control of the access to your bullion. New Zealand Vault provides two storage options. Clients can choose to store up to 10kgs of bullion in their own allocated safety deposit box within our Wellington safety deposit box vault. Your key to the box is held on your behalf by international accountancy firm, Crowe Australasia, who would act as your representative in New Zealand.

Our second storage option, is fully allocated and segregated storage within a safe that sits in our Wellington treasury grade bullion depository. Your code to the safe is held on your behalf by international accountancy firm, Crowe Australasia, who would act as your representative in New Zealand.

Our vaults have been built to the highest standards (Treasury Grade), and fitted with the most sophisticated multi-level electronic protection available. They are monitored 24/7 to provide you complete peace of mind. 

New Zealand is a wonderful vacation destination. If you were to visit Wellington, our capital city, you would be most welcome to make an appointment to come in and view your bullion.

New Zealand Vault has partnered with leading bullion distributors to be able to provide you with a seamless and safe solution for the purchase and storage of bullion offshore.

If you wish to sell a portion or all of your bullion, New Zealand Vault can also arrange for the liquidation of your bullion as long as it meets certain criteria. For more information on the liquidation process please contact us