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New Zealand Vault Deposit Bullion

If you are sending us bullion you already own, contact us and we will give you advice on logistics companies you can use for transportation, insurance, packaging and delivery requirements.

Phone: +64 4 915 1168

Email: support@nzvault.com

Our address for deliveries is:

Basement Level 2
State Insurance Tower
1 Willis Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

If you have purchased your bullion through New Zealand Vault or one of our partner resellers, they can arrange delivery to our vault for you.

When your bullion arrives at New Zealand Vault it will be deposited into your safety deposit box by international accountancy firm, Crowe Australasia. They will provide you with the following service:

  1. They will open the package and check that the bullion received matches what is on the delivery schedule.
  2. They will deposit the bullion into your own safety deposit box and lock it.
  3. They will then place the key to your safety deposit box into their own safety deposit box and hold it in their safe custody.
  4. Finally, New Zealand Vault will email you the confirmation certificate, signed off by Crowe Australasia confirming that the bullion has been safely deposited into your safety deposit box.

There is a US$175 fee for Crowe Australasia to provide this service and we will email you an invoice.

We will also provide you with a quote to have your bullion insured while stored with us through our insurer who has a Standard & Poor's credit rating of A+ (Strong). If you chose to do this, it will also be included on the invoice we email to you.

You are in control:

Each safety deposit box has 2 keys; 1 held by New Zealand Vault and 1 held by Crowe Australasia. Both keys are required in order to open the safety deposit box. New Zealand Vault cannot access your safety deposit box without the key held by Crowe Australasia and Crowe Australasia cannot access it without the New Zealand Vault’s key.

Both New Zealand Vault and Crowe Australasia will only act on your written instructions to open your box for any reason. In order to remove any bullion and return it to you, your written request would also need to be validated by a Notary. As a result you are in complete control as to who can access your safety deposit box.

Open Your Safety Deposit Box