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Who Uses New Zealand Vault?

New Zealanders have been trusting New Zealand Vault since 1931 to store their most valued possessions. The majority of our customers are individuals however we also have a good number of trusts, small businesses, family offices and large corporates as valued customers. Some of our customers have been with us since the 1940’s. 

In recent years we have seen a significant number of overseas based clients flying out to New Zealand specifically to open a safety deposit box with us to store bullion.

Our clients originate from all over the globe and some have gone to considerable trouble and expense to come out to New Zealand to secure their assets. In speaking to many of them, one thing they all seem to have in common is their growing fears of a financial crisis and government instability at home.

It is because of this that New Zealand Vault developed a process that allows clients living outside of New Zealand to remotely open an account with us to store their bullion in either a safety deposit box or in a safe within our bullion depository.

We have done this by forming a relationship with international accountancy firm, Crowe Australasia. Crowe Australasia act on behalf of the client in New Zealand by: checking that the bullion received matches what the client ordered; in conjunction with New Zealand Vault’s custodian, they will deposit the bullion into the clients’ own safety deposit box or safe within the bullion depository; hold the clients’ deposit box key or safe code in their own private box; and finally, write to the client to confirm that the bullion has been safely stored.

If clients are ever in New Zealand they are most welcome to come to our Wellington vault and view their bullion.