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Terms of Service
  1. ‘New Zealand Vault’ is our legal business trading name
    • ‘New Zealand Vault’ is the name that will appear on cardholder statements
    • ‘New Zealand Vault’ is the name advised on the payment record
  2. The physical address of the New Zealand Vault approved place of business is:
    • New Zealand Vault Limited
    • Basement Level 2
    • State Insurance Tower
    • 1 Willis Street
    • Wellington 6011
    • New Zealand
  3. The New Zealand Vault business and customer service details are:
  4. New Zealand Vault is a New Zealand business and all transactions will be billed in a Bank of New Zealand approved foreign currency.
  5. The client can cancel the Safety Deposit Box within the first month of purchase and receive a full refund. Beyond that time frame, the lease is for a full 12 months and no refund will be given.
  6. The client can send their bullion to New Zealand Vault as soon as the Safety Deposit Box has been paid for and the online set-up is complete. We, New Zealand Vault, will then hold the bullion in our holding boxes until the client has sent a copy of their notarised photo identification. Postage is normally 10 days. From the time of payment to being able to deposit bullion may be approximately 14 days. This is dependent on how quickly New Zealand Vault receives the notarised paperwork.
  7. Currently there are no export restrictions in regards to leasing a Safety Deposit Box with New Zealand Vault.
  8. This is not an on-going subscription. This is a 12 month contract which will need to be renewed by the client.
  9. Click here to see the full New Zealand Vault Safety Deposit Box Agreement for Bullion Storage